Stories From Our Families

Lauren R

Dec 06 2017

My girls have been going to Katrina Ashmore for the last 3 years & I couldn't have asked for a better carer. Family daycare has given me the opportunity to work shift work and also has given my girls a place they can feel safe and that feels like home. I couldn't recommend Family Daycare enough for any parent looking for a night off or due to work commitments. It is a safe, friendly and homely environment.

Pam Raymond

Dec 06 2017

We use Debbie Knowles for our Family Day Care needs. Debbie takes care of both of our children on a regular basis, my son has Autism and ADHD and can be a handful at times, Deb is awesome with him, knows how to handle his behaviour with love and care. We chose Family Day Care for the flexibility of hours as my work schedule doesn't always fit with school hours, Deb is very flexible and never hesitates to work around my schedule, Deb, and her husband Jeff, are both loving and caring Educators. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them or Carinbundi Kids Family Day Care to anyone that is looking for child care.

Harmony L

Dec 06 2017

Family day care means my children feel like family, warmth, love, affection, & fun accompanied by learning. After experiencing Family Day Care, I will never consider center based care again.

Laetitia Brandt

Dec 06 2017

Debbie Knowles is an Educator that cares for my 5-year-old twins. What she has done for not only my children but myself is above and beyond what I ever expected from a Family Day Care. Being a single mum with health problems, no family support and raising twins one with high functioning Autism life was previously very hard and I was struggling with life in general. I have watched my children grow, become happier within themselves and thrive from the relationship they have with Deb.  FDC has brought friendship, love, strength and structure from one home into another. I’m a better, happier and stronger person and mother since having the support of Deb who is more than just an Educator to us. I think very highly of Debbie and look up to her, but most importantly I appreciate all the advice, care, support and how she is the very reason I am able to address my health issues, being able to be away from my children knowing they are in a safe, happy, structured and family home away from home environment. I am thankful that I am a part of Carinbundi Kids Family Day Care Scheme and only wish I had of known sooner the support that was available for my family and just how much difference FDC, Educators and Carinbundi Kids FDC was going to mean to us being able to live life the way it’s meant to be...happy and supported. Highly recommend this service and thank you to all the people that work at Carinbundi Kids FDC since it has gone under new management, and last but not least thank you Debbie.

Staci K

Dec 06 2017

I have used Katrina Ashmore Family Day Care for years, starting when my daughter was 4 months old. The care she receives is exceptional and she has developed many friends through the other children in care. My daughter has definitely developed a strong bond with Katrina and her family and loves the outdoor and imaginative play that is offered there.

Leonie Hamilton

Dec 06 2017

If you are considering family day care for your family I can strongly recommend Debbie Knowles Family Day Care, both my girls look forward to going and always ask “When do we go back?” Debbie's home is a home away from home. I like the friendly, flexible professional happy experience!!! You do an amazing job Debbie.

It makes leaving our loved little ones so much easier!

Kylie Gaze

Dec 06 2017

My children and I love our Educator, Debbie Knowles Family Day Care, very much.  She is great with the disabilities that my children have. She is always looking for ways to help my children and myself, with information that she gets about the conditions my children have that I may be aware of, and any services that I can use that I may not know are out there. She is very supportive and tries to help where she can. I would highly recommend Family Day Care to my friends, as I do on a regular basis. Debbie is always first on my list if anyone is asking about child care. Most of the people I have recommended to use the service have children with special needs and Debbie really seems to be able to cater their needs and the kids love her.

Natasha Chapman

Dec 06 2017

I love Cheryl Weston’s Family Day Care for the flexibility.  The girls love the bus rides, the adventures on the farm, the painting & fun filled activities.

Couldn't have asked for a better family, to care for my two girls as I would.

Katrina Johnston

Dec 06 2017

As a single working Mum it’s comforting to know my 15-year-old daughter is in such great hands with Katrina Ashmore’s Family Day Care. Katrina’s Family Day Care is like a kid’s mini get away, with fun, exciting activities and interactions. For my daughter’s needs the social interactions and life skills she’s learning such as helping with make dinner, involvement with peer aged games and family orientated outings provide a stable and encouraging platform for her. Katrina is always about the children, she is always supportive of their needs and wants and ensures they strive to be the best version of themselves that they can be. I highly recommend Katrina Ashmore Family Day Care.