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Testimonials From Our Educators

Debbie Knowles from Deb's Helping Hands FDC

Dec 06 2017

I have been in the childcare industry for the past 14 years. CKFDC to me is a loving, Nurturing & supportive Family Day Care Service offering a Flexible and Inclusive service to our educators, families and community.

What I enjoy about working with CKFDC is the friendly support I receive from management and all staff, the staff make me feel like I’m part of a TEAM.  Management acknowledges our strengths and encourages us to work together to help uplift each other and grow together as a service, we display Equality, inclusion and support, we are constantly evolving into the future of childcare. 

Our Service offers Quality, affordable & flexible childcare to all our Community. CKFDC take the time to listen to the families and help for fill their needs within our service, I personally love being part of this service as CKFDC stands for everything I believe in, supporting our community.

Debbie Knowles
Deb’s Helping Hands FDC